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MGK06 - Abundance - English - Gaby de la Mora/Marian Kraus

MGK06 - Abundance - English - Gaby de la Mora/Marian Kraus

MGK06 - Abundance - English - Gaby de la Mora/Marian Kraus




"ABUNDANCE - A soothing and profound guided visualization enhanced by gentle sonic elements 

Scientific studies have proven that we influence our own realities by the power of our thoughts. that we create our own future by focusing on what we want to see manifested in our lives. It is well proven that where one puts attention upon is what one will see manifested in the dimension of time and space.

If you put your attention on trust and abundance, as opposed to fear and lack, that is what will manifest. Because the unconscious mind doesn’t discern between yes or no, reality or imagination. It is therefore important for you to focus on “what you want”,  instead of what you don’t want; visualizing it, as if it was already there while experiencing the high vibrational frequency of gratitude and joy.

This guided meditation will guide you to visualize, embrace and create abundance in your life. Following a clear introduction, Gabriela's soothing and mesmerizing voice guides the listener on a deep meditative journey of creation. The creation of abundance in all important aspects of your life...

The blend of singing birds recorded in the Himalayas followed by the profoundly balancing and equalizing sounds of Himalayan singing bowls provide a rich and accommodating sonic backdrop for this deep meditation, altogether 11:00 minutes in length. Ideal as an introduction to an abundant outlook upon life or as a gentle reminder and infusion to create abundantly."